1. The rules are formed by the owner and the administrators of Movie2k, enforced by the moderators team and must be followed.

2. Movie2k simplifies use of other websites by embedding their video and does not host any files itself.

3. Movie2k provides no paid membership of any kind and as such cannot cancel any membership or refund any financial losses.

4. Movie2k holds no responsibility for any harm that might occur from the use of third-party websites.

5. The site rules might be updated without any prior notice to the users.

6. Multiple violations of the rules will lead to a permanent account ban and even to an IP ban.

7. User badge tells about user role and current status.

8. There are 5 user roles on the site: regular users, linkers, moderators, bots and administrators.

8.1. Administrators

8.1.1. Administrators are site owner representatives.

8.1.2. Administrators are appointed by site owner.

8.1.3. Administrators are on top of the decision making hierarchy.

8.2. Moderators

8.2.1. Moderation is a privilege that can be received by any active and respected user of the website.

8.2.2. Moderators represent site administration, help to keep Movie2k clean and operational, and act in the best possible interest of its users.

8.2.3. Moderators' authority, hard work and contribution should be respected.

8.2.4. Moderators are responsible for link and comment moderation, rules interpretation, feedback collection andd suggestions to administrators.

8.2.5. Moderators are appointed by administrators, on user request.

8.2.6. Moderators cannot add links and all their previous uploads become disabled once they get promoted.

8.2.7. Moderator status can be lost due to rules violation, low activity, personal issues or conflicts.

8.3. Bots

8.3.1 Bots are automated entities that do some statistics crunching and help to enforce rules by disabling unlawful content and penalizing offenders.

8.3.2. "imarobot" is our general-purpose bot.

8.3.3. Do not send messages to bots. They might not answer :)

8.4. Users

8.4.1. Users need to confirm their emails to be able to comment, like, vote, upload etc.

8.4.2. Some features are also not available to users who registered less than 2 days ago.

8.5. Linkers

8.5.1. Linkers are privileged users. They don't have to pass captcha to add links and can add links to any available movie if server is not busy.

8.5.2. Linkers are limited to 1 link per service (uploading site).

8.5.3. To qualify as a candidate to a linker you need to have all of the following:

  • 3 months old account;
  • Over 400 points of reputation;
  • Over 75 submitted links.

8.5.4. If you satisfy all the conditions for a linker status you will have a "Request linker status" button on your account page.

8.5.5. After the candidate submits the linker request, he or she will undergo a check procedure and will be appointed by administrators when needed.

8.5.6. Linkers should be active uploaders and should maintain their links on a daily basis.

8.5.7. Linker privilege can be lost due to rules violations.

8.5.8. Users that lose their linker status fall under regular users rules and part of their links will be disabled to be within user limits.

9. Forbidden Content and Activities

9.1. Movies that fall under the Adult genre on IMDb.com will be disabled.

9.2. Links that do not lead to a movie that could be found on IMDb.com, or lead to a truncated or wrong movie, to non-English movie without English subtitles or to a non-existent page will be disabled.

9.3. Links that have the same URL, site-wise, cannot be active at the same time and duplicates will be disabled.

9.4. Comments/posts/threads that are not in English will be disabled.

9.5. Comments that are meaningless or unrelated to the contents of the page they are posted on will be disabled.

9.6. Same comments posted multiple times will be disabled and their authors muted or banned.

9.7. Comments containing links to other sites will be disabled and their authors muted or banned.

9.8. Comments/messages that advertise Movie2k competitors, spam, are abusive, racist, pornographic or provocative in any other form will be disabled and users muted or banned.

9.9. Services (uploading sites) which do not host files, require registration, require to pass a survey, require payment or pop out of Movie2k HTML frame and do not allow our users to vote for link quality, like links etc. will be disabled.

9.10. Duplicate accounts of the same user will be banned.

9.11. Users who use fake emails to register will be banned.

9.12. Users who have vulgar, sexually explicit, racist, rude or in any other way inappropriate nicknames or avatars will be warned or banned.

9.13. Users who vote just to get some links higher on the link list or otherwise break natural and healthy competition will be banned.

9.14. Users/uploaders/moderators showing any signs of cooperation to gain commercial profit or to break the rules in any other way will be demoted and/or banned.

9.15. Users who provoke, cause or support any conflicts will be muted or banned.

9.16. Users who try to buy, sell or rent an account will be banned.

10. Absence and Inactivity

10.1. Users who do not log in to the site for six month will be banned. Contact support by email to get unbanned.

10.2. Linker who do not log in to the site or do not upload anything for a week or more could be demoted.

11. Uploading rules

11.1. Regular users are limited to 1 upload per movie.

11.2. First 10 uploads of each user go through manual moderation.

11.3. If 5 linkers have already uploaded their links to the movie, then regular users won't be able to add links there.

11.4. Checking movie requests on forum might be a good start to your uploader career.

11.5. Services that are new to our website go through manual moderation.

11.6. Sometimes our server is overloaded and we do not accept links from regular uploaders.

11.7. Do not add the same link multiple times if you got an error on the first try.

11.8. Do not automate uploading process or at least use it in moderation, otherwise you can generate too much load on the server and get ban.

12. Voting rules

12.1. All users are limited to 2 link quality (video and/or audio) votes per day.

12.2. Multiple votes for link quality require to pass captcha.

13. Commenting rules

13.1. Do not use too many images, capitalized or emphasized text in your comments.

13.2. By adding @NICKNAME to your comment you make sure that user with specified nickname receives a notification about your post.

13.3. Pressing "reply" button inserts @NICKNAME into your post for you.

14. Reporting/Asking for help rules

14.1. If site responds to your actions with red error messages - think it through, check rules.

14.2. You can find tons of helpful information on our forum and ask for help there.

14.3. What to report:

  • 14.3.1. Movie/link/comment/user etc. which breaks the rules.
  • 14.3.2. Server does not accept your link for hours and you sure that there is no error on your side.
  • 14.3.3. You are being treated unequally or abused by a certain user or moderator.
  • 14.3.4. Site interface or server errors.

14.4. Remember that there is a huge difference between general errors and things which you don't like personally.

14.5. You can post your enhancement suggestions and request for a feature on our forum.

14.6. Communication channels (whichever applies or suits you best):

  • 14.6.1. Click on "Report" button if you want to report a link or a comment.
  • 14.6.2. Post a comment in our bug reporting thread on forum.
  • 14.6.3. Send a PM to a moderator/administrator.
  • 14.6.4. Send an email to contact[at]m2k.to.

14.7. How to report:

  • 14.7.1. Provide your nickname.
  • 14.7.2. Provide page address where a problem appears.
  • 14.7.3. Specify operating system name and version, and your browser name and version.
  • 14.7.4. Describe your problem in details.

14.8. If you lose access to your profile or need a new one contact one of the administrators.

14.9. Do not tell your email or password anyone except the administrators, and only if asked.